Wilderness Wednesday

“The sky is taking on light,
Though the moon still hangs pale over the water.
Such beauty
That for a minute
death and ambition, even love,
Doesn’t come into this.
It comes on unexpectedly.”

_ Ray Carver



Wilderness Wednesday

“Don’t be shy you learn to fly, And see the sun when day is done, If only you see, Just what you are beneath a star, That came to stay one rainy day, In autumn for free…. Yes, be what’ you’ll be –” _Nick Drake


Wilderness Wednesday

“Like a tree, sometimes I can accomplish a great deal by doing nothing at all. I shift my weight toward a new place and know it will swing around. In time.”


Wilderness Wednesday – Happy Spring!

Spring Equinox

“Deep in their roots, All flowers keep the light.”  _ Theodore Roethke

I hope we can all take a minute to let the sun shine on our faces today.  Let’s breathe in the renewal and fresh perspective that spring brings to us!  And although it doesn’t quite look this springy here in our little part of Pennsylvania yet (I took this photo last year on March 27th), I look forward to the beautiful blooms, fantastic scents, and happy moments that will come.  Happy Spring, friends!