Friday’s Feature

Gosh, it’s been a while since I’ve shared a Friday Feature. This rainy morning calls for the Avett Brothers. ❤️ Happy Friday!



summer smashWell, happy Friday, friends!  After this crazy weather, it has turned out to be a lovely afternoon and it just so happens to be National Bourbon Day!  How fitting for a Friday!  So I wanted to leave you with a tasty summer drink to please your palate this weekend!  You can even serve one up to Dad on Sunday, as I’m sure he will enjoy as well!

This recipe is courtesy of my crafty sister…. can’t take the credit for the recipe, but I do take credit for consuming a few!  😉

summer smash in the making


Summer Smash

Makes 2.

In a cocktail shaker (oh how I love my mason shaker from West Elm), muddle 1/2 a peach with 6 basil leaves and 1 tablespoon of sugar.  Add a few dashes of rhubarb bitters and then a 1/2 cup of rye whiskey.  Serve over ice and splash with club soda.  Garnish with peach slices and basil.

Friday’s Feature

It’s the weekend!  And what a beautiful fall morning to get it started!  We have a weekend ahead full of “fests”!  Tonight we are going to the King of Prussia Beerfest Royale and then tomorrow I am so looking forward to Pickfest at Frecon Farms… apples, hard cider, bluegrass, oh my!  So at some point in the weekend, you might catch me humming this tune.  🙂  Happy Weekend, folks!  Cheers!

Sick, Sober, and Sorry“, Johnny Bond

Listen here.

Friday’s Feature

Shortbread, “Migration Song

If you know me, you know my family and I are very close.  I followed my sister from Mississippi to Pennsylvania 12 years ago and we were lucky enough to have my brother live within a two mile radius for the past 6 years.  This time has been so special and fun having them near and all of our families growing together.

This weekend my brother and his family are packing up and migrating south to Mississippi.  It’s bittersweet for me as I will miss them dearly, but know they are off to embark on a new chapter in their lives and build a home for themselves down south (which I will be down to visit frequently!)  Best of luck to you, Kenny, Jennifer, and Red!  We love you!!!

***  Also, in the past few years, it has been SO fun to see Shortbread (who consists of my brother, my brother-in-law, and my old roommate) evolve and take off!  Come celebrate with us tomorrow night at The Fire for an unforgettable Shortbread show!  It shall be a heel-kicking grand time!  ***

Listen here.

Friday’s Feature

This weather.  This week.  This Friday.  I’m just in the mood for this song.  Oh, and some red wine.

Justin Townes Earle, “One More Night in Brooklyn

Listen here.

Happy Friday, friends!  Cheers!!!

A Welcome to September & Friday’s Feature

Well, oh my, so sorry I have been a bit MIA.  Sometimes life just gets in the way!  Between a sick little guy, being away the past fews weekends, school starting…. it just seems I have been struggling to stay up to speed on things.  But this week has been productive and I feel I’m finally getting myself back in order!  Which feels nice.  So let’s have a pumpkin beer and cheers to that!

With all the busyness happening, I have also missed being in the kitchen.  Yesterday I worked at Williams-Sonoma and it was a day of fall baking (my favorite), pumpkin bread and pumpkin butter!  It really sparked something within and this morning (in all my productiveness) decided to bake some more!  You can never go wrong with a recipe from my favorite guys at Baked, so banana espresso chocolate chips muffins now grace my countertop for the weekend ahead.

I really can’t express how much I love the fall.  It’s creeping in and this excites me to no end.  Get ready for plenty of fall inspiration to be appearing soon!  September is such an exciting month and I welcome it with heel kicks!  Football, leaves falling, cooling temps, pumpkin beers, apple picking, falls harvests, boot wearing, sweater hugging….. I could go on and on.  So I’ll leave you with some fall pictures and a Friday Feature that I hope sparks you to whip up something fall-y in the kitchen too!  🙂

Old Crow Medicine Show – “Mary’s Kitchen

Happy Friday!  Cheers!!!

Friday’s Feature

“Today I tried to eat a steak with a big ole table spoon….. I’m crazy as a loon….”

Yep, just about sums up my week!  Happy Friday!  Cheers!

Hank Williams, “Howlin’ at the Moon

Listen here.

Friday’s Feature

Really a fitting song for a Friday.  “I want the kind of life that I can leave behind a ray of sunshine….. I want the kind of smile that radiates for miles….. I want the kind of house where I sit down on the couch and say ‘damn it feels good to be a gangster’…. but, oh, who cares, gimme a beer!”  Fabulous lyrics.  Love it, Diamond Rugs!

Gimme a Beer”  Diamond Rugs

Listen here.

Enjoy!  Happy Friday!  Cheers!!!!

Friday’s Feature

In Spite of Ourselves” by John Prine and Iris DeMent

“In spite of ourselves, we’ll end up sitting on a rainbow.  Against all odds, honey, we’re the big door prize…… We’ll have nothing but big ole hearts dancing in our eyes.”

Listen here.

Heel kicks for Friday!  We are off on a road trip to Connecticut for a fun wedding of good friends.  Happy Weekend!