Daily Inspiration

Sorry I have been rather quiet in the new year…. I’ve been gathering ideas, making mental notes, and have many things I want to do on Turquoise Autumn this year, and I’ve been waiting to get organized to do it.  But will I ever get organized to my high standards I set for myself?!?  Probably not, so I just need to take the next step.  Take action.  Just do it.  Right?!?  Isn’t this something we struggle with everyday?!?  I find I make many excuses for myself… not enough time in the days, household chores to do, or not enough inspiration, but that’s not necessarily true.  There is inspiration everywhere, in many things…. So today I wanted to share some of the places, people, and organizations where I get my daily inspiration.  I hope you enjoy and maybe get inspired!  😉  Happy Tuesday!

image via Beth Doane

image via Beth Doane

Beth Doane is the founder of Rain Tees, an organization that “plants trees with tees”.  Check out how Beth started this amazing business here.  Be sure to follow her on Pinterest and Facebook for great inspirational images like the one above.

image via Nest

image via Nest

I am in awe of my friend, Rebecca van Bergen, who founded Nest and the good she has spread around the world.  I am always eager to learn more from Nest and spread their mission.  Exciting things to come!  Like them on Facebook or visit here to learn more.  Or check out this great article via PBS.

I love Pure Green Magazine!  They have a beautiful publication always full of lovely content.  I want to jump inside and vicariously live through their articles.  Would that be alright, Celine MacKay?!?  😉

image via Williams-Sonoma

image via Williams-Sonoma

And always culinary inspired by Williams-Sonoma.  I work there.  And love.

Pinterest is also a source of daily inspiration.  Follow my boards here.  I especially love it for my Food Files and Kitchen ideas!

More things to come, my dear friends.  But for now, I’m off for a quick afternoon jaunt to NYC!  I shall be back soon, I promise!  Xo



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