A Fall Afternoon

The fall weather creeping in has been just lovely.  And I’m over the moon about it!  Nothing quite excites me more than fall.  So how lovely to have an afternoon with my sister where we enjoyed a few of my favorite things:  the fall weather, red wine, and chocolate!!!  Perfection.

The Raaka chocolate was given to me by a dear talented friend, Elissa Barbieri, who hand draws the patterns on all of Raaka’s wrappers.  (Elissa also owns l o o p.)  The tastiness of the chocolate along with the presentation make for a one fantastic product.  My favorite was of course the bourbon cask aged chocolate!

Raaka is handcrafted in Brooklyn.  Their “virgin chocolate is crafted from unroasted cocoa beans and stone ground in small batches.  The low temperature  process they use delivers flavors you can’t find in any other chocolate”.

The wine is another favorite by Audelssa.  If you are ever in Sonoma County, it is a must visit.


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