Let’s Gather

It’s a week to gather.  Families and friends all came together yesterday to celebrate the freedom of our country.  Barbecues, games, and fireworks were all in full force, and I am sure there was lots of good food to be had no matter where you were.  I was in the kitchen most of the day, preparing Southwestern Turkey Burgers, potato salad, squash from the garden, and Béa Peltre‘s Chocolate and Plum Almond Cake (recipe in her book, La Tartine Gourmande).

I love how food is such an important part of a gathering.  Friends wonder what will be on the menu, people chat about where the recipe is from, how good (or sometimes not) it is, swapping stories of past dishes they have made.  And this week I am excited about all the dishes I’m making for the many gatherings to be had!  Three special gatherings are in my future for the weekend, each will be a special time, with special food/recipes made from loved ones.  I’m looking forward to seeing everyone and to all the yummy food!  To gather excites me.

And Gather Journal gets it.  It is a new food magazine dedicated to the aspect of gathering “with recipes at its heart”.  It speaks to me.  The magazine just came out with its premiere issue and I just love it so!  So much so that I’m making recipes out of it for my own gatherings this weekend!  I love how the journal has a theme…. float being the theme for this issue/season… going hand in hand with summer and its harvests.  And the photography is just stunning as well.  Pick a copy of this lovely magazine up!  It will make you “float” on the clouds of culinary happiness.  🙂


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