Kinfolk Dinner at Terrain

It’s really exciting when you come across something you really love when it’s unexpected.  To just stumble upon a website, not knowing, it is about to change you for the better.  I found Nest that way, and it has bloomed into 5 years of very rewarding volunteering and a fantastic friendship with Nest’s founder.  And I also found another love that way, Kinfolk Magazine.

The first time I saw Kinfolk online, the magazine was just getting started (Volume 3 is out now), and I instantly fell in love with it’s purpose…. how it takes a meal and simplifies it, but relishes the art of the eating and gathering.  I read the first issue a few times online, just soaking in all its goodness.  I anxiously awaited to get one in print, in my hands, to hold and love more.  And then came the day when I was at work at Williams Sonoma, doing my weekly peruse of the cookbooks (yes, we know I’m a bit obsessed), and there it was in real life right in front of me.  Williams Sonoma was selling Kinfolk! (and still is!)  I squealed when I saw it there and had to share my love with my co-workers…. letting them know they should love it too.  🙂  I just love everything about it.  And it’s not a magazine to flip through and just look at the pictures…. you have to take special time for yourself to read it, savor it, be inspired by it.

gorgeous flowers by Sullivan Owen

So, imagine the heel kicks I did when I saw Kinfolk was hosting dinners in cities across the nation and soon they would be on the East Coast!  I signed up for the Brooklyn dinner and got picked by lottery, but was bummed I couldn’t just jet off to Brooklyn that particular night.  THEN, they were coming to Philly and hosting the dinner at Terrain, which we know I love too, and I had an idea pop into my head…. could I somehow get Nest involved with Kinfolk?!?  And I did!  (heel kicks!)

The Kinfolk dinner was Saturday night hosted at Terrain.  50 guests consisting of Kinfolk sponsors and guests picked by lottery.  I was so thrilled to be included as it was truly a magical evening.  Nest so generously donated favors for the eve, in addition to other fine sponsors like Happy Cat Farm (love my tomato seedling), Brown Betty (tasty cupcakes), and Sullivan Owen (who made the most amazing flower arrangements).  It was so lovely meeting Nathan Williams, who started the magazine, as well as many other Kinfolk-ers.

It is a beautiful thing in life when you get to meet inspiring people, so thank you, Kinfolk, for giving me beautiful pictures, beautiful pages to read, and a beautiful evening to be remembered.

favors from Nest and Happy Cat Farm

happy swag from the night


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