Tea Love: Bellocq

I first had the pleasure of tasting the Bellocq teas at Terrain a few months ago after my sister, Kerri, had raved about them and was sure I would love it too.  She was right.  I did.  And now I hold a dear place in my heart for this wonderful tea.  When I need something to brighten my day, Bellocq.  When I need a bit of caffeine, Bellocq.  When I need to give myself a hug, Bellocq.  It is truly so special you must give yourself a little special time while enjoying it.  I treated myself to some special “Bellocq” time yesterday afternoon while the little man napped, I drank my tea, read my Kinfolk magazine, and listened to the rain.  So. nice.  Happy me.

Please visit their lovely website to learn more about this enchanting tea.  I haven’t been to their atelier in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, yet, but I hope to go soon.  And lucky for us in the Philly area, there are two of my favorite spots that sell Bellocq…. Trove General in Paoli and Terrain in Glen Mills.  Bellocq also has “12 months of Bellocq“… what a gift that keeps on giving!

I must warn you though, the Bellocq teas are addicting and so good that you won’t want to drink any other brand.  So far my favorite blends have been No. 18, Afghani Chai and No. 42, Little Dickens.  Kerri’s favorite is No. 52, Etoile de Linde.  I could drink the Christmas blend year round…. it’s that good.  They are all that good!  I look forward to trying more of their line and I urge you to do as well.  Ditch the coffee and switch to Bellocq in the morning.  It will get your day off to a magnificent start!



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