Spring Veggie Love: Ramps

Along with the excitement of spring popping up all around, there is another excitement this time of year, and it is when ramps begin to come to the table.

A ramp is sometimes called a wild leek or spring onion and resembles a scallion but with broader leaves.  They grow on the East Coast in forest-y (yep, I said forest-y) conditions from Tennessee to Canada.  They are garlicky and a bit wild tasting and I have come to search them out in the spring.  Lucky me that I live where they are close by!

I first had ramps many years ago at Blue Hill NYC and from that first taste, I was hooked!  This weekend I was lucky enough to sample ramps in many forms from all the good eating that we did in Brooklyn, but my favorite dish, the one that I wish I had in front me right now, was the spaghetti with ramps at Allswell.  Spaghetti, ramps, parmesan, and a glass of red… need I say more?!?  If you are in the area, seek it out now!  I really can’t stop thinking about it.  So so soooo tasty!

If you want to find ramps of your own to cook, they are available at farmer’s markets from now until May usually.  Or seek out a Wilder Quarterly and read the article on how you can go foraging for you own!  🙂

Happy Monday!  Happy Spring!  Happy April!


image via Andrew Harper blog


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