Wilderness Wednesday

“Tea in the garden, to be taken at four, if the sun does shine and the rain doesn’t pour.

Cucumber sandwiches sliced like a dream, brown boiled eggs then cowslip cream.

Strawberry ice and fresh lemonade, pale china tea all out in the shade.

And if there’s room, do not forsake at least one slice of homemade cake.”   _ Sara Midda

Doesn’t the above little poem just make you want to sit outside all afternoon and enjoy treats in nature’s goodness?!?  This weather we have been having in the Philadelphia area has been amazing.  I have loved having the windows open and letting spring blow its freshness inside.  I am loving getting outside every afternoon for walks around the yard and seeing spring awake from its slumber.  The weather, the beauty of spring unfolding, and the bright sunshine all give a vibrant energy that I want to soak up as much as I can!  I took this picture wandering around the yard the other afternoon and although it doesn’t show any signs of spring budding, I loved the crispness of the bamboo and the beautiful hues of blue and green.  I hope you can get outside and soak up some of this spring’s amazing energy today!  It will make you smile and smiling is contagious!   🙂

Happy Wilderness Wednesday!  Xo


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