Blog Love: My New Roots

This morning I decided to make the Raw Chocolate Milkshake Miracle from one of my favorite blogs, My New Roots.  And it was so tasty and satisfying that I wanted to share.  Even the hubs and the little man were eager to share and indulge!  Quite a yummy start to this sunny Saturday!

For Sarah’s recipe of the shake, click here.  (I followed it exactly… which is something I rarely do!  Well except for the fact that my banana wasn’t frozen.)  🙂

Now on to a few reasons why I love this blog so much….  The images are beautiful (proof above).  I love how informative it is.  Not only does Sarah have a great knack for creating lovely healthy recipes, but the way she writes and informs us at the same time is fabulous.  I have learned so much from reading her blog regularly.  And hence my pantry has changed, thanks to her.  I urge you to take a visit over at My New Roots, read, learn, and try the recipes!  Good stuff!!!  Happy Weekend!!!


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