Detox Yoga…. Yes, Please!

Today I was starting the year off right, and I attended a Detox Yoga Flow workshop taught by Maura Manzo at HotBox Yoga in Manayunk.  It was 2 1/2 hours plus of hot yoga, discussing why we need to rid toxins emotionally and physically, poses to help the lymphatic and digestive systems detox, extended savasana, and meditation.

This wasn’t my first hot yoga experience, but my first time at HotBox and with Maura as the teacher.  I loved her approach to the workshop…. how we started out in a circle to introduce everyone and talk about foods that affect us and can make us toxic, how there are different ways to detox and how it is different for all of us.  She talked about listening to our bodies and minds and just hearing the voice of what brought us to the practice.

I went initially to “jumpstart” my year…. to get myself motivated to keep up my yoga practice, my workouts, and most importantly to eat healthier, better, cleaner.  But as the practice went along, I found myself needing to rid myself of emotional toxins.  I needed to let go of the “cobwebs” and “moths” that I have harbored inside over the years and realize that these are things, as Maura said, that had to happen for my soul to grow and be where it is today.  She reminded me that the practice of yoga is to “return to love”…. I love that.

Was it a challenging afternoon?!?  Yes.  Crowded?!?  Yes.  Sweaty?!?  Yes, yes, and yes.  Did I want to soak in a bubble bath the rest of the day?!?  Yes!  But it was also the most amazing treat to give myself on a Saturday afternoon.  I left with a clear mind and totally relaxed and with a smile on my face.  I “brought myself home”.

(Oh, and I also left with “total yoga hair”!) 🙂

Happy Weekend!

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