A Special Getaway

This week last year, the hubs and I were packing up to head to Rhode Island for a few days (sans the babe) to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary.  I had a read a little snippet on Little Compton, RI, and I instantly knew that was where we should go.  We stayed at the Stonehouse 1854… an adorable small hotel that used to be a private residence with only 13 rooms, but great ambiance and a nestled location only a short walk to the beach.  One of the restaurants on the property is the The Tap Room with cozy tables, tasty comfort food, and a delish drink selection.  We visited often in the few days we were there!

I really loved Little Compton.  It is a quaint little town with spectacular views, and it was just so beautiful and quiet.  We had lovely afternoons with wine on our balcony, saw amazing sunsets, took walks on the beach, and at night sat by the bonfire with hot toddies.  It was really a perfect weekend to celebrate our special occasion!

If you are ever in the area and get a chance to go to Little Compton or the Stonehouse, I highly suggest it!  I look forward to going back!

(The pictures above are all shots that Steve or I took while we were there.  I have many more!  There were so many beautiful spots to capture!

If you want more information on the places we visited or recommendations, please email me…. I’d be happy to share!)


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